Better Searching -Forensics

Search terms Best results (include why you think the sites are useful and what you found out) Questions and key words for next search

Google suggested:

forensic science criminal investigations

so I chose this as it was the area I wanted to search in.

I chose this site because it was near the top of the list but wasn’t a paid ad. I went to the about page to find out if it was from a credible organisation. It seems to be a private page but it is written in understandable language and has information on a diverse range of forensic topics. It even covers computer forensics – not something I’ve seen elsewhere yet. As a resource for senior school students I think it would be excellent. Reading comments from site users, I can see that school students have found it useful.

Another UK site, this one has a long list of topics to choose from. The page on blood stains is very comprehensive but easy to understand. Drop, spatter, cast off and transfer are some of the types of blood stains found at crime scenes. Identifying blood stains, collecting evidence and storing evidence are all covered. A bibliography is included at the end of the page which included the Royal Society of Chemistry and Pearson Education.

I skipped the How To and About sites as I never seem to feel confident about their content. Also passed on University sites as I thought they may be too advanced.

Are there sites specifically for secondary schools?
Second search

Forensics secondary school

This site came up with a suggestion that there were prac instructions. It could be okay as a source even though it is university based. The language is uncomplicated and instructions easy to understand.

Is there any useful material on You Tube?
Third search

Forensics you tube

Truckloads of stuff..of course!

I chose this site because it has links to lots of resources – documentaries, historical documentaries, fiction and more. A great launch pad for those with an interest.

What about international crime?
Fourth search

international crime forensics

Interpol and their use of forensic evidence such as fingerprinting and DNA. Basic facts and lots of leads to follow further.


One thought on “Better Searching -Forensics

  1. So you found heaps of information. is it enough? Do you need to sort them? are there new questions that have emerged as a result of this search?
    Best wishes
    (on behalf of the team)


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