Project – Next steps

  • What’s your final project topic? (This may not have changed but hopefully you’ve refined your focus)

My project topic is still Forensic Science. However I am mainly concentrating on fingerprints, DNA and fibers.

  • What would you like to create or plan by the end of the course?

I want to create a Blog page for Year 10 that gives them links to a variety of resources that can be used to supplement their class work – including video, audio, newspaper & journal articles, credible sources of information, interactives.

  • What are the relevant tools and concepts from the course so far that might help you?

Refining web searches through Google tools will be benficial. Organizing information through Evernote and Pinterest will also help.

  • What are your next steps in starting work on your project?

I have already started accumulating websites in a Forensic Science notebook on Evernote. Also started to add to the relevant Blog page. There is never an end to a blog page but I hope to have a representative sample of links for students to use.


One thought on “Project – Next steps

  1. Sounds like you have it all under control. You may find that looking at then organising your blog in line with your school’s Forensic Science curriculum will make this resource of use to your teachers as well as the students. (and may score you some points too).
    Best of luck with it all,
    Catherine (for the team)


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