Work Flow

  • What are the key tasks I perform online?

Email – both personal and business. My work is directly related to my email. Email is open and checked numerous times a day. My personal email is checked at least twice a day.

Facebook – daily. I often link to a page in order to keep in touch for a particular reason and then unlink when the purpose has been achieved.

Twitter – I am not a fan but as in Facebook above I will sometimes follow someone for a particular purpose. So far it has never been a long term habit.

I do lots of collating for my own and business purposes. I have a work Pinterest page and a personal one as well.

  • What are my preferred sources?

For library related matters I subscribe to several organisations – ALAI, SCIS, SLV, Melbourne city library. Newsletters are full of juicy information and I often bounce off a newsletter to further research.

Google is my first stop for any search and I prefer to explore pages in their entirety.

Duck Duck Go kept coming up as a blocked site so I couldn’t compare. Bing and Ask have less advertising material.

I don’t like the limited length of a Twitter post. I like to get a more complete picture by reading a couple of paragraphs.

  • How much time do I have?
  • When do I access information? How?

As much as I like. Email can be checked at work or at home and my Pinterest boards are always there. However. I don’t wish to spend hours staring at a device.

  • Do I need to do anything with these resources after I’ve seen them?

My technique is to keep things open in the Browser until I have dealt with them. Closing that tab means I have finished with the item. For things that are ideas related I will add to a Pinterest Board. For sites that I expect to go back to I will add to Bookmarks of whatever browser I am using (1 of 3) on which ever computer I may be on (any one of 5 devices). Of course I never seem to get back to them again. My plan is to make sure I can clip to Evernote and then no matter which machine I am on I will be able to find them again. Also I think making time to make workbooks for a topic is well worth the effort as it makes the act of finding that site again so much easier.


2 thoughts on “Work Flow

  1. I used to do the tabs-on-the-browser thing until our server at school had a couple of crashes. It was nearly enough to make a grown woman cry! =)
    Clipping is brilliant as you only save the bits you want but have the option of going to the site and seeing the whole context. Good luck with it.
    All the best,
    Catherine (for the team)


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