Citizenship and Sharing

The top link is me. There are no social media accounts that I don’t know about.

I feel comfortable sharing my learning on a Blog. I think the key to effective communication is not having too many accounts and checking in regularly. I keep my Facebook account for personal communication and I don’t use Twitter unless I have to.

For my research project (Forensic Science for Year 10) Google, Ask both have useful lists. This course has also encouraged me to seek other possibilities. Dogpile seems to be okay. The first page has Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia and Victoria Police sites. Duck Duck Go won’t work at school.

This site has the top 15 search engines:

Google is of course at the top. The search numbers as we go down the list are pretty interesting.

I intend to trial some of these using my forensic science searches too.

Trove is also a potential site to find resources.


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