Project Reflection & Digital Story


Week 2 – Don’t search find.

Doing this course has been a great way to get nudged away from the mighty Google! Dog Pile is a search engine that I found useful and Bing – one I had tried in the past but stopped using also provided useful links.I also liked DuckDuckGo but as I can’t use it at school it will only be a fleeting affair. Long term it will still be Google but not exclusively. I intend to keep using Bing and Dogpile as they seem to turnup quite different material.

Week 3 – From Literacy to Fluency

I am pretty happy with my search abilities. The strategy of checking sources of pages and choosing credible authors such as statutory authorities, education related and government sites is a good start.

Week 4 – Managing information

The internet is a vast resource. Every hour of every day could be spent searching for information and it wouldn’t make a dent. Any program that can help organise and save me from doing the same search again and again is a good thing. Google and Pinterest are my two faves for bookmarking information and Evernote has potential too. For ease of use Google is the standout. I am already logged on as I have a gmail account so its all there in front of me – the complete package.

Week 5 – Digital publishing

My opinions on social media are unchanged. Life’s too short to keep up a Twitter account, Facebook, Tumblr and whatever the next big thing is. I use Facebook for personal and family reasons but as these sites are all blocked at school I would never consider them as part of the school library information network.

Week 6 – My project

I have built a great page for the Year 10 Forensics course. Here it is:

…and to advertise it have a look at myPowtoon presentation.


4 thoughts on “Project Reflection & Digital Story

  1. I think you’ve done a fantastic job with putting your project together – I’m sure the students will feel engaged doing the assignment – there’s an element of realism which sets you off on some exciting adventure to unfold. Try and add some of the resources you found from your searches to build on this protocol.
    And congratulations for finishing! I think you’ve learnt a fair bit!
    Good luck!
    (on behalf of the team)


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