Time is the Thing

We’ll, I’ve just checked out Reader and followed a few blogs. Then I was about to start the next part of following 5 topics, but I stopped. I know you have to read in order to write and I do, but if I follow 5 topics and all the blogs I already follow where do I find the time to write anything at all?

“Engaging with one another” is a great idea but if I am in front of the screen “engaging” where does that leave face to face interactions with real flesh and blood people?

There are only so many hours in a day and a long list of must do’s to get through. My computer time should be limited for many reasons – health & fitness, life e-device balance being just two of them.

I am a very critical online reader. I tend to read credentialed sites such as newspaper and other media and organisations with an established profile. How do I know who else to trust?

Of course there is also entertainment value. My topics in that area are textiles and craft. So back to today’s topic, I selected textiles but that is as far as I want to go. From past involvement with Pinterest I can spend all day scrolling down that list of suggested pins….lifes too short!!


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