My target Audience

Hi there target! I hope you know who you are because I don’t!

Anyone will do really… with the one proviso. I am easily discouraged so if you don’t like what you read please say nothing! My parents always said if we couldn’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Now, I can see the value in saying something mean…especially to politicians…and it might be true and everything, but all the same, I don’t want to hear it.

It’s like bad television. Just turn it off!

Over time and after receiving lots of positive feedback I’m sure I’ll be more able to accept the negative responses.

Now, a bit about what I like. I live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and I barrack for the Western Bulldogs – Footscray when the last/ first and only Grand Final was won. We haven’t won a Grand Final since 1954 – thrashed Melbourne by 51 points. We haven’t been in a Grand Final since 1961 – lost to Hawthorn.

Last year saw Footscray playing at the Whitten Oval for the first time since the 80’s. The Club nearly disappeared altogether in 1989 when the AFL, and Ross Oakley decided to merge us with Fitzroy, but the outcry from supporters and the general public saw the club remain. “Merge Oakley into outer space” was one of the bumper stickers that popped up everywhere. In an effort to widen the supporter base the club changed its name from Footscray to the Western Bulldogs.

Then last year the Western Bulldogs launched its own side in the second Aussie rules competition- the VFL. What a year it was! The senior AFL side was floundering, but the Footscray side surprised supporters and the football world alike by finishing their first year in the competition as Grand Final winners.

Then, in the off season things started to run off the rails. Players, including our captain, Ryan Griffen started telling the football world he wasn’t happy with the coach. The Board intervened and things seemed to settle…for a while.Then during trade season Griffen said again that he wasn’t happy and asked to be transferred to another club and then he went bush.

At the end of trade week our club was a changed bunny. We had no coach, no captain, our Brownlow medalist, Cooney, was gone and Shaun Higgins and Liam Jones as well.

We all sat back with bemused expressions on our faces and arms crossed. Next season wasn’t shaping up very well at all. Before Round 1, 2015 we had lost our CEO as well.

Now here we are with the finals only a month away and guess what? We are 5th…out of 18 clubs. We are going to play in the finals. I know! I can’t believe it either! Luke Beveridge, the new coach has been brilliant and Bobby Murphy, number 2, our new captain has had a stellar year. The kids are looking like stars – Bontempelli, Caleb Daniel, Johannisson,Stringer, Hunter, Campbell, McLean, Webb. There’s been a bit a sadness too Clay Smith did his knee again and Libba did a knee too in a practice match before the season even started. The old boys – Boyd, Morris, Murph have been fantastic. We have been loving the game, loving watching them play, enjoying the wins..a lot! Jarrod Grant looks like a player and Mitch Wallis has become a ball magnet.

We have a reasonable run to the finals but the class of Hawthorn is a whole different thing. Whatever happens over the next two months, it has already been a good year and we know that next year it’ll be even better.

Here is a cartoon from our official cartoonist – First Dog on the Moon – this one was at the start of the season.

first dog


Time is the Thing

We’ll, I’ve just checked out Reader and followed a few blogs. Then I was about to start the next part of following 5 topics, but I stopped. I know you have to read in order to write and I do, but if I follow 5 topics and all the blogs I already follow where do I find the time to write anything at all?

“Engaging with one another” is a great idea but if I am in front of the screen “engaging” where does that leave face to face interactions with real flesh and blood people?

There are only so many hours in a day and a long list of must do’s to get through. My computer time should be limited for many reasons – health & fitness, life e-device balance being just two of them.

I am a very critical online reader. I tend to read credentialed sites such as newspaper and other media and organisations with an established profile. How do I know who else to trust?

Of course there is also entertainment value. My topics in that area are textiles and craft. So back to today’s topic, I selected textiles but that is as far as I want to go. From past involvement with Pinterest I can spend all day scrolling down that list of suggested pins….lifes too short!!

Why Am I Here?

I am here because I want to teach myself to write regularly. I have just finished a course teaching me how to better organise my online presence and showing alternatives to Google. I used it to help me develop a curriculum page for our year 10 Forensic Science page. It worked very well and you can see the page HERE.

Now I need to get into a routine of regular writing. I am a Librarian in a senior high school library in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Over the last 3 years I have been building a blog page for the library that also includes links to curriculum information selected to help students with their studies. The biggest challenge has been how to get staff and students to look at it in the first place.

A few techniques have been successful. Putting the Sport Signup page on the blog has resulted in lots of visits to the first page. Uploading photos of school events such as end of year formals is a good technique too. I have made bookmarks and handed them out, presented to staff and students at meetings and during classes.

I suppose my goal over the next 12 months would be to make the library blog the site of choice for staff and students.

Project Reflection & Digital Story


Week 2 – Don’t search find.

Doing this course has been a great way to get nudged away from the mighty Google! Dog Pile is a search engine that I found useful and Bing – one I had tried in the past but stopped using also provided useful links.I also liked DuckDuckGo but as I can’t use it at school it will only be a fleeting affair. Long term it will still be Google but not exclusively. I intend to keep using Bing and Dogpile as they seem to turnup quite different material.

Week 3 – From Literacy to Fluency

I am pretty happy with my search abilities. The strategy of checking sources of pages and choosing credible authors such as statutory authorities, education related and government sites is a good start.

Week 4 – Managing information

The internet is a vast resource. Every hour of every day could be spent searching for information and it wouldn’t make a dent. Any program that can help organise and save me from doing the same search again and again is a good thing. Google and Pinterest are my two faves for bookmarking information and Evernote has potential too. For ease of use Google is the standout. I am already logged on as I have a gmail account so its all there in front of me – the complete package.

Week 5 – Digital publishing

My opinions on social media are unchanged. Life’s too short to keep up a Twitter account, Facebook, Tumblr and whatever the next big thing is. I use Facebook for personal and family reasons but as these sites are all blocked at school I would never consider them as part of the school library information network.

Week 6 – My project

I have built a great page for the Year 10 Forensics course. Here it is:

…and to advertise it have a look at myPowtoon presentation.

Project Plan

  • How do you feel about different publishing platforms? How can you see yourself using them, particularly in relation to your project?

As my project is a blog page for Year 10 Forensic studies Twitter and Facebook are of marginal value, not being accessible at school. A blog is definitely the best choice as it can be accessed from both home and school. I prefer the Blog as a vehicle for sharing as it gives room for substantial information, unlike the ‘bites’ that Twitter offers. I have been building a library blog for the last two years and believe it is a valuable learning tool for students and reference tool for teachers. I have tried Twitter a number of times in the past. I’m just not convinced. The only time I found it really useful was when the Rolling Stones cancelled their concerts and I was waiting to hear if they were going to reschedule! It is a way to keep in the face of people you are wanting to communicate with and I haven’t thought about that angle much. I will give it a try as way of advertising the library blog but I can’t see it being a major player as I will have to tweet from home.

  • What do you think makes a good online citizen and how do we become one?

A good online citizen shares their knowledge and experiences. They offer quality information in a manner that can be readily and easily accessed. A good online citizen may publish original work, collate the work of others, collate lists of sites on a particular topic, share information and keep information up to date. Museum Victoria is a good online citizen that comes to mind. Their Victorian Collections website is a mine of memories and memorabilia that adds colour and light to our state’s history. Victorian collections fulfills all criteria for a good online citizen – they help find an audience for others; they gather and record; they share information; they encourage others to share information; they tell our stories.

  • Which of the two platforms (Facebook and Twitter) appeal to you most? How can you see yourself using them?

Neither Facebook nor Twitter can be accessed through the school system so that restricts their value hugely. Privately I prefer Facebook and I enjoy following my small group of family / friends and doing posts of my own. See above for comments on Twitter. I notice Pinterest is on the Networks list with Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest IS allowed at school and I have a profile set up with boards that are shared on the blog.

  • How do you feel about privacy and sharing ideas online after reading this module?

Common sense when setting up your various profiles will ensure that you don’t compromise your identity. Thinking about what you want the world to know and familiarizing yourself with the privacy policy of your social media sites and blog hosts protects you in cyberspace. We all know about keeping passwords safe and changing them often. Tools like Dropbox are great for targeted sharing. I note that Evernote has a share link which I intend to try out soon too. I absolutely love the internet and the world wide web. It is a great resource that is portable and time  saving. However, it can be also be a time consuming monster that rules our lives. Through wise use of social media and information sharing I can see that it is possible to minimise computer time and maximise absorption of useful content.

See my project plan below

Project plan

Visit the page as it stands now here:

Pasco Library Blog


Searching for individuals and groups on Facebook:

Crime Scene Investigator Network – mostly adds for jobs that are available but an occasional post about some new research is there. Possibly of use.
Most of my organisations came up as system generated pages with no useful content.
Sorry but delving into Facebook confirms my suspicions that it is lots of fun but just a bit of fluff.

Citizenship and Sharing

The top link is me. There are no social media accounts that I don’t know about.

I feel comfortable sharing my learning on a Blog. I think the key to effective communication is not having too many accounts and checking in regularly. I keep my Facebook account for personal communication and I don’t use Twitter unless I have to.

For my research project (Forensic Science for Year 10) Google, Ask both have useful lists. This course has also encouraged me to seek other possibilities. Dogpile seems to be okay. The first page has Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia and Victoria Police sites. Duck Duck Go won’t work at school.

This site has the top 15 search engines:

Google is of course at the top. The search numbers as we go down the list are pretty interesting.

I intend to trial some of these using my forensic science searches too.

Trove is also a potential site to find resources.