Keep a Lid On It!

Sorry folks, my next post is going to be about the mighty Western Bulldogs too.

We won again…a convincing win against Port Power.

That win and our quite impressive percentage has moved us up to 4th on the ladder. That means that not only will we play in finals, we will also have the “double chance”. “The what?” you say…. The double chance! We play a top 4 team (pretty tough) but if we lose that game we get to play a lower ranked winner the following week with potential if we win that to play again. And if we happen to win that game it means a spot in the preliminary final the following week….next step the Grand Final!!

But we have 4 rounds of footy to go before the finals start so the plan has to be to “take it one week at a time” and “keep a lid on it”. Don’t get too excited until the home and aways are over, don’t jump the gun.

Next week our opponents are Melbourne, a lowly ranked side who beat us when we met them earlier this year. So we have a challenge ahead already. We need to prove that we can back it up week after week. We need that killer instinct that the Hawthorns and Geelongs have. You get ahead but that’s not good enough. You have to go on fighting and scoring goals and crush the opposition. Having been on the wrong side of a few of those types of games its not a pleasant way to spend your afternoon but on the winner’s side it’s brilliant.

I am loving the footy right now!

hamlingThis is Joel Hamling, one of our young guns, displaying his fantastic leap. The guy with beard is Tom Campbell, our ruckman and one of the tallest blokes on our team – 200 cm, so Hamling is up high!