Never see Wolf Creek

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Well, I Never….”

In 2005 we decided to go to the movies. It was to be ‘The Proclamation’.

Hubby chose the movie, I didn’t have a clue what was on…didn’t know anything about any of the movies that were on at the cinema.

Somehow between the time we left home and the time we arrived at the cinema, the title had slipped his mind. We ended up with tickets to Wolf Creek starring John Jarratt as the looney.

The cinema was packed..a full house. It must have been not long after it premiered. It started out okay. A big outback adventure with stunning locations and a little unresolved sexual tension.

Wolf Creek (2005) Poster

But then the horror starts. it was relentless. I had my eyes shut for almost half a movie and found myself humming to drown out the sound track. After it was finally over and we were having the inevitable postmortem on the way home Hubby admitted that it was the wrong movie and that he almost walked out.

And from that day to this I am nervous about remote locales. I have to rethink plans for the big round Australia trip. How could one be comfortable about sleeping in a tent or lighting a camp fire in the middle of nowhere when a lunatic like the Jarratt character might be lurking around waiting for victims.

I can’t stand John Jarratt now. I won’t watch him on anything…not even Better Homes & Gardens.

I enjoy a good thriller. This is not a thriller.

On the other hand I suppose it totally fulfills all the criteria for “Horror movie”. They always end badly. They always end with no hope. They always end leaving you totally convinced that the horror will go on.

Don’t watch this. Don’t watch the next one. Life’s too short really.