More on the Bulldogs

This weekend is Round 20 of the 2015 AFL season.

What I really want to write about is the players. It’s a tradition that their names are all changed so that they finish with the ….y sound or the ….a sound or the …o sound. It makes it easy to shout abuse and praise when you’re at the game. So this is how it goes with my team.

We have Granty, Bonty, Matty, Tommy, Wally, Willy, Boydy, Lukey, Lachy, Stewy, Jacky, Jakey, Woody, Smitty, Biggsy, Jordy or Roughy, Jongy, Morry, Webby, Honey, Joshy, Hammy, Tali, Danny .

Also these boys are in the lucky position of having names that already end in the …y sound: Darley, Cordy (1) and Cordy (2), Tory, Bailey, Koby.

And then we have The Rat, The Bont, The Darl and Fletch. And then last but not least we have Liam Picken – fitting no category and a brilliant class of his own!

My Bulldogs play Melbourne on Sunday at 3.20 pm. It’s the worst time of the weekend for a footy match. The trip home right on tea time is awful. After shuffling over the bridge from Docklands to Southern Cross Station we are squeezed through the MYKI gates like baby food through a mouli. Then the relentless human tide carries us down the escalators to Platform 11 where we try our best to stay at least bumping distance away from the edge of the platform.

If we are lucky a train has just cleared at least half the platform. If we’re not it’s every person for themselves as we are packed, sardine like onto the platform. Finally our train arrives but then once again we are pressed forward in a great human lump, expanding into the carriage like foam spray filler. Forget about a seat. You can only hope to be within grabbing distance of a rail or seat back. Don’t worry too much though. We are so tightly packed that our fellow passengers will hold us up when we hit a rough spot.

If we’ve had a win it’s a jolly ride home. If we lost there’s plenty of footy experts on board to tell us why.

When we hit our home station out comes the phone and the pizza order is in. Thirty minutes later, warm house, warm pizza and the replay on the telly.

I love the footy!