Why Am I Here?

I am here because I want to teach myself to write regularly. I have just finished a course teaching me how to better organise my online presence and showing alternatives to Google. I used it to help me develop a curriculum page for our year 10 Forensic Science page. It worked very well and you can see the page HERE.

Now I need to get into a routine of regular writing. I am a Librarian in a senior high school library in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Over the last 3 years I have been building a blog page for the library that also includes links to curriculum information selected to help students with their studies. The biggest challenge has been how to get staff and students to look at it in the first place.

A few techniques have been successful. Putting the Sport Signup page on the blog has resulted in lots of visits to the first page. Uploading photos of school events such as end of year formals is a good technique too. I have made bookmarks and handed them out, presented to staff and students at meetings and during classes.

I suppose my goal over the next 12 months would be to make the library blog the site of choice for staff and students.