This must be hump day….

I’m stuck on the task for Day 9. Yes I enjoyed several Blogs and made a comment but I don’t really want to expand on them or add to the discussion. I even spent a while looking for another post that I could like and then use.

Then I went back into reader and what do you know, I found this:

street style india fashion blog

Saved! I said to myself. There are a few interesting and unusual takes on Blogs in the travel category. This one posts photos of ordinary people on the street and what they are wearing. Another Blog posts sounds of the streets – Sounds of Dhaka.

I took photos of random fabric when I was in Vietnam a few years ago. We were in a village somewhere near Sapa, on a tour and our path led us through the back garden of a home. There was gorgeous rich green woven fabric hanging over the bamboo fence. Looking back at that photo now evokes all those memories.

Watching the weavers creating cloth to make into sarongs, purses and table runners was fascinating. How they get the count right across so many fine threads is beyond me.

Upstairs in the market Ubud, Bali – bursting at the seams with rich silks and vibrant batik – the stall holders block your path, herd you into their cubicle and put the high pressure sales pitch on.

Thank you travel bloggers for reminding me that there are all sorts of ways to enjoy the world.


I Play With Textiles

I muck about with textiles in my spare time. I like vivid colours and squiggy shapes.

About 10 years ago I joined a ‘scarf’ making group, run by Chris West in Birregurra, Victoria. Turned out it was the make anything group! We did felting, patchwork, made a Japanese lunch bag and created our own fabric from the junkiest scraps you might have lying around your sewing room. Cotton ends cut off when you finish a seam, trimmed seam edges, strands of wool. Sandwich it altogether between visoflex or something similar and then machine all over. A dip in water dissolves the visoflex and you are left with a totally original and exciting piece of fabric.

She inspired me!

This is my labyrinth made by twisting thin strips of fabric and couching them into position. The dark purple is stretchy crushed velvet which I found very forgiving. The colours are all sorts of material. There’s a thick stretch jersey, some raw silk, coloured cottons and heavy woven gold material. It all has different effects.

The piece is about 25 cm x 20 cm.